Bolt is back and still the best

LONDON -- The world all but paused for a moment, held its collective breath to see if Usain Bolt still had it Sunday night, could still fire our collective imagination with his ability to run fast and true like nobody else on Planet Earth. The stillness before the gun went off gave way to a huge roar in Olympic Stadium as Bolt and seven other men, the fastest field-ever, roared down the straightaway.

The seven others, of course, held fast to their own dreams. For the most part, the rest of the world wished for Bolt, the man who ran a world-record 9.69 in Beijing in 2008, lowered that record to 9.58 in Berlin in 2009 but who had struggled with injury and form and even a false start -- at the 2011 world championships -- since.

The dreams of so many simply could not, would not, be denied.

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