Missy Franklin living up to the hype in Olympic debut

LONDON -- Missy Franklin can swim. No one ever had any doubt about that. She had announced herself on the international stage last summer at the world championships in Shanghai, when she won five medals, three of them gold. Missy Franklin has personality the force of several suns. She is happy, it seems, all the time. The older members of the U.S. national team marvel at her energy. Plus, and you can check this out for yourself in the swim team's "Call Me Maybe" take-off video, she can dance.

Coming into these London Games, the only question about Missy Franklin, the 17-year-old from Colorado, was whether the hype machine would eat her up and spit her out, or whether she would find the peace of mind, the serenity, the calm to do what she came her to do.

To win.

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