London 2012 programming note

As the London 2012 Summer Games get set to open, this programming note for the 17 days of the Summer Games here at 3 Wire Sports: I will be privileged to reprise my role during the Games as the chief columnist at, a post I held during the 2008 Beijing and 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I have had an association with NBC since 2003 and am glad to continue it.

You'll see here a few paragraphs from my latest column and then links to the rest of that particular story at Please feel free to start reading here -- all links here still matter, believe me -- and then please do continue reading at

The Games end Aug. 12. When they're over, I'll be back to this space. You'll also be able then to find my columns, as before, at, the U.S. Olympic Committee site.

In related news, I was named to the Sports Illustrated list of "Fifty Twitter feeds you need to follow during the London Olympics." You can see the full list at

I was also named to the Sports Business Daily list of Twitter feeds to follow during the London Olympics. See that list at

Here is how this will work during the London 2012 Games for -- and, as always, check back often:


Party in London: Let the Games begin

LONDON -- The 2004 Summer Games in Athens marked a return to the roots.

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing took the Games to the world's most populous nation.

Enough already with the solemnity and the weight of history.

These 2012 Summer Olympics -- they're supposed to be a party.