14th IAAF World Athletics Championships Moscow 2013 - Day Nine

Track and field

To quote Lenin, what is to be done?

It is good to be the king, and it is good — unless and until there is evidence of doping, which it must be said could be tomorrow and could be never — to be Usain Bolt.

Because when you are Usain Bolt, you win, and when you win, you celebrate like he did Sunday at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, after yet another dominating performance by the Jamaican 4×100 men’s relay team to close out the 2013 track and field world championships.

IAAF Centenary Gala Show


On the WADA presidency

MOSCOW — Consider what just these few weeks have brought:

A massive scandal in Turkey, with revelations of teenagers being doped. A rash of doping cases in Russia. Allegations that West Germany’s government tolerated and covered up a culture of doping among its athletes for decades, and even encouraged it in the 1970s “under the guise of basic research.”


Turkey’s awful doping scandal

LONDON — Most of the news accounts about the 31 Turkish track and field athletes hit Monday with two-year bans for doping have centered on four main points:

One: Istanbul is in the race for the 2020 Summer Games, along with Madrid and Tokyo. The International Olympic Committee will choose the winner Sept. 7. To be blunt, the timing for Istanbul is not good. Lamine Diack, the president of track and field’s international governing body, which goes by the acronym IAAF, has said, “They cannot bid for the Olympics if they cannot control their athletes. They need to clean their house.”

Ryan Lochte warms up Saturday for the world championships, which get underway Sunday // Getty Images

Ryan Lochte warms up Saturday for the world championships, which get underway Sunday // Getty Images


Most drug-tested: Ryan Lochte

BARCELONA — Amid statistics strongly suggesting that American star Ryan Lochte is the most-tested swimmer on Planet Earth, the chairman of the doping control board of swimming’s international governing body, FINA, issued a blunt warning here Saturday to all racers on the eve of the swim competition at these 15th world championships: don’t take nutritional supplements.

Just don’t do it, Dr. Andrew Pipe said. Too many supplements are made or marketed in the United States, where the unregulated environment means elite athletes can have no guarantees whatsoever that what’s on the label is really what’s in the can or bottle, he said.


Bubka, entourage issues up front

When he was a pole vault star, Sergei Bubka said he was so careful about what he ate and drank that, for instance, he would never sip from a bottle with an open seal.

Now Bubka, who broke the pole-vaulting world record 35 times in a career that includes the 1988 Seoul Olympic gold medal, is a senior member of the International Olympic Committee and, since 2010, chair of its Entourage Commission. Now he is, as well, a vice president of track and field’s governing body, which goes by the acronym IAAF.