USOC chief executive Scott Blackmun addresses the media at the USOC Olympic media summit at The Beverly Hilton hotel. To his right: USOC board chair Larry Probst // Getty Images

Rio 2016

Like a plague of locusts, so predictable

Like one of those locust cycles that erupt with scientific predictability, here we are five months before an Olympic Games and, just on schedule, there’s an outbreak among the ladies and gentlemen of the press of OMG the-sky-is-falling. What, you say? These Rio Games are on track to be a disaster! Zika! Water pollution! Slow ticket sales! Ack! Danger, Will Robinson!

Or maybe, you know, not.


“I myself”: Tatyana McFadden’s amazing journey

When Tatyana McFadden arrived in the United States, she was 6. Until then, she had spent her life in Russia, and most of that in an orphanage, a place so poor they didn’t even have crayons for the children to color with, much less a wheelchair for Tatyana to get around in.

Tatyana was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a hole in her spine, a condition known as spina bifida. The operation that should have been done immediately on her wasn’t done for three weeks. It is a miracle, a genuine miracle, that she even lived.