Sir Craig Reedie, chairman of the IOC Evaluation Commission, arrives at Tokyo's Narita International Airport to begin a four-day review of its bid for the 2020 Games // Photo Shugo Takemi, courtesy Tokyo 2020 Bid Committe


Big-picture IOC thinking in this election year

Sir Craig Reedie, an International Olympic Committee vice-president, got the full red-carpet welcome Friday at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

Photographers happily caught Tokyo Gov. Naoki Inose introducing his wife, Yuriko, to Sir Craig. In another shot, Sir Craig was seen bounding along Narita’s walkways with a bouquet of welcoming flowers, a perfect tableau to set the stage for the IOC evaluation commission’s four-day inspection of Tokyo’s plan to host the 2020 Games.


USOC: no for 2022, go (maybe) for 2024 or 2026

Earlier this year, the U.S. and International Olympic Committees resolved a longstanding dispute over certain broadcasting and marketing revenue shares.

That almost immediately prompted speculation that the USOC would get back into the Olympic bid game. Cities across the American West — Salt Lake City, Denver, Reno and Bozeman, Mont. — expressed interest in playing host to the 2022 Winter Games. The IOC will select the 2022 site in 2015; a bid for a 2015 Games would be due in the fall of 2013.


Chicago 2016 – can a loss be a win?

CHICAGO — Destyne Butler Jr. is a young boxer. As the intriguing new movie chronicling Chicago’s unsuccessful bid for the 2016 Summer Games opens, the camera catches Destyne banging away in the gym and then saying, “It’s all going to pay off in the long run, and I know I can make it.”

Maybe, in its way, that’s the Chicago 2024 motto, too. Or Chicago 2028. Or Chicago 2032.