Ryan Lochte in Rio, before it all blew up // Getty Images


Lochtegate: what is wrong with this picture?

Something is seriously amiss in our cultural — indeed, our moral and ethical — landscape if Ryan Lochte’s next move turns out to be a starring turn on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The producers of DWTS must be themselves dancing with glee over this publicity coup. Everyone loves a train wreck. Who wouldn’t tune in?

From left, 100 fly silver medalists Laszlo Cseh of Hungary, Chad le Clos of South Africa and Michael Phelps, with gold medalist Joe Schooling of Singapore // Getty Images


Michael Phelps in Rio: the power of trust and belief

RIO de JANEIRO — Anyone in any kind of relationship — so this means pretty much everyone in the world — knows that there is always a tension, if not a struggle, over power and control.

Easy joke: especially if you’re married! (Note: Love you, honey, and it’s 25 years in September!)

Michael Phelps before the 200 IM // Getty Images


Limitless and free, this time – Phelps says – for real

RIO de JANEIRO — If Thursday night’s men’s 200m individual medley final between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte was the end, as Jim Morrison and the Doors once said, it made — in a riff on what Morrison also told us — for no safety yet a big surprise, a race in which two of the best, ever, pushed each other one final time.

Each in his own lane, literally and figuratively, Phelps and Lochte have for years been on a similar quest. Their mission: to push boundaries in search of excellence.