Soccer now, back to track and field this summer -- the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, now the West Ham Premier League team's home, site of the 2017 IAAF world championships

Track and field

An idea not completely baked: medals for coaches

This summer’s world track and field championships in London is due to see coaches get medals along with athletes.

The intention here — it comes from the local organizers — is to do right by those doing well.

IOC president Thomas Bach at the Pan Am Sports assembly in Uruguay // IOC media

2026 bid cities

Stockholm for 2026: IOC, go freeze yourself

If you are hung up on figure skating, OK, but maybe get with the program: the Olympic Winter Games has indisputably become a ski and snowboard festival.

Next February in South Korea, there will be 102 medal events. If you don’t count biathlon, 50 will be on skis or snowboards. Add in the biathlon ski-and-shooting combo, and you’re up to 61.