Katie Ledecky is so awesome that even the photographers are getting artsy in trying to figure out new ways to show her swimming // Getty Images

2024 Bid Cities

Nevertheless, the IOC persists

BUDAPEST — Amid the rocking splendor of the 2017 FINA swimming championships, there are three parallel threads that dominate conversations at the Duna Arena and the riverfront hotels where Olympic, swim and other international sports personalities have clustered.

Isn’t Budapest awesome? (Yes.)

Garcetti, Allyson Felix, Bach, Michael Johnson at the Olympic Museum track // Getty Images

2024 Bid Cities

LA or Paris? The strategic play? Or emotional?

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — In a Samaranch-style bit of kabuki theater, the decision itself having been ordained long ago, the full membership of the International Olympic Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved the double allocation of the 2024 and 2028 Summer Games to the last two cities standing in the campaign, Los Angeles and Paris.

In theory, the IOC will announce whether it’s LA first and Paris next, or vice-versa, at another all-members assembly in Lima, Peru, on September 13. In reality, this decision has been ordained as well. Paris almost surely will get 2024, LA 2028. This deal will be done in just weeks, maybe even before the calendar turns to August, and if you have noted that U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted French President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation to visit France on Bastille Day, July 14, well, maybe that is some strategic thinking there.

IOC president Thomas Bach // IOC

2024 Bid Cities

A tale of two not-the-same cities

You know that feeling you have in the morning when you wake up and, groggy, you’re fumbling in the darkness, and you grab a pair of socks from your drawer, and you think — you think — you have a pair that matches but you’re not sure because one might be navy blue and one might be black?

Like, you are pretty sure they’re the same but, hmm? You turn on the iPhone light. Whatever. Close enough.