A band of sisters on the road to making history

It’s not that Lolo Silver wasn’t already a world-class athlete and in what the rest of us mere mortals would consider great shape. Among her many accomplishments, she was the leading scorer for the winning U.S. women’s water polo team last summer at the FINA World Cup, with 11 goals.

Then again, the American women’s head coach, Adam Krikorian, had promised the U.S. women that over the course of this winter, water polo’s off-season, they would — at his direction — come to know what it was like to get in amazingly, ridiculously phenomenal shape.


USOC’s classy visit to Tokyo

The chairman and chief executive of the U.S. Olympic Committee flew to Tokyo a couple days ago, where with their counterparts from the Japanese Olympic Committee they signed a mutual cooperation agreement.

Routine stuff in the Olympic scene. Except this wasn’t. Judging from the way they were greeted there by the media, with flashbulbs flashing and cameras rolling, you might have thought Larry Probst, the USOC’s chairman, and chief executive Scott Blackmun were rock stars.