IOC’s Urs Lacotte resigns

The press facilities at the Chateau de Vidy, the International Olympic Committee’s lakefront headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, used to be an after-thought. Whatever little closet they could squeeze us into — that’s where we went.

Now, though, thanks to a recent remodel at Vidy, there’s a real press room, with pretty much everything you’d want, even space to just hang around after the news conferences that are held there break up, and that’s what the IOC director general, Urs Lacotte, and I were doing after the most recent executive board meeting, this past January.


Lindsey Van is a hero, too

It is perhaps Lindsey Van’s lot in life that her name sounds a lot like Lindsey Vonn’s, and while Lindsey Van is a world-champion ski jumper and her sport isn’t even in the Olympics — not yet, anyway — Lindsey Vonn is an alpine racer and an Olympic gold-medalist who gets loads of attention and commercials and even a spot on “Law and Order” and generally gets treated like the American hero she is.

But Lindsey Van is a hero, too.