Woo: ‘Yes, Pyeongchang!’

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea —  Precisely 2,018 people rose as one here amid the International Olympic Committee’s visit to what would be the curling rink should this be the winning entry for the 2018 Winter Games and, on cue, started belting out a song called, “I Believe in Angels.”

The lyrics veered from, “I’ll cross the stream/I have a dream,” to, “I believe in angels/something good in everything I see/when I know the time is right for me/woo/I have a dream/a song to sing/to help me cope with anything.”


Pyeongchang 2018’s conductor: Yang Ho Cho

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — Nine years ago, Yang Ho Cho, who is the chairman and chief executive officer of Korean Air but who is really a regular guy, got five of his buddies together and they did one of those bucket-list things. They drove across the United States, Los Angeles to New York.

Yang Ho Cho is not, after an extraordinary career in business, lacking for means. He could have arranged the trip so that he and the crew stayed at the most upscale of hotels and ate only the finest meals. Not the point. They wanted to feel the United States, to have a genuine experience, to talk along the way with real Americans.


Annecy — it’s a French thing

ANNECY, France — The International Olympic Committee’s 2018 evaluation commission headed out of town Saturday after declaring that this alpine town was indeed very pretty.

“The International Olympic Committee’s 2018 evaluation commission has been very pleased to spend time in this beautiful lakeside city, situated in a region where winter sports are so popular,” the commission chairwoman, Sweden’s Gunilla Lindberg, said at a news conference early Saturday evening as streaks of pink from a lovely sunset lit the western sky.