“I myself”: Tatyana McFadden’s amazing journey

When Tatyana McFadden arrived in the United States, she was 6. Until then, she had spent her life in Russia, and most of that in an orphanage, a place so poor they didn’t even have crayons for the children to color with, much less a wheelchair for Tatyana to get around in.

Tatyana was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a hole in her spine, a condition known as spina bifida. The operation that should have been done immediately on her wasn’t done for three weeks. It is a miracle, a genuine miracle, that she even lived.


Caution and concern after Monday in Moscow

One of the many airplanes inbound Monday for Moscow carried five American long-track speed skaters. They were flying in from Atlanta.

Another plane bound Monday for Moscow carried five more American skaters, along with the U.S. national long-track team coach, a team doctor and team trainer. This group was coming from Holland. They had just been at the 2011 International Skating Union long-track sprint world championships, in a Dutch town called Heerenveen.


Bob Paul – thanks for the memories

Bob Paul’s years as press chief at the U.S. Olympic Committee came well before my time covering the movement.

Even so, when I started on the beat in 1998, he made a point of introducing himself. If I ever needed to know anything about the early years of the USOC, he said, be sure to call. If he didn’t know the answer, he said, maybe he could help point me in the right direction.