Americans 2-for-2 in judo gold

SINGAPORE — When he was a toddler, Max Schneider was one of those kids who got bullied in pre-school. The normal stuff, he says now. Hey, kid, I want your toy — and the next thing you’d know, Max would be on the floor.

This would not do, Max’s mom, Adelina, decided. She was concerned her son would always be on the small side and picked on. So she found a judo program in the neighborhood in Chicago where they lived, and put him in the class.


A gesture lifts South Korea

SINGAPORE — Sometimes the smallest gesture tells you an awful lot about the essence of a person.

Kim Dae Beom, who is 18 years old, had just won the boys’ modern pentathlon here Sunday at the Singapore Sports School. He had made history. South Korea had never before won a pentathlon medal of any color at an Olympic event. Now, at these first-ever Youth Games, Dae Beom had just won gold.